Redefining Excellence in Storm Response


Redefining Excellence in Storm Response

Power Restoration

From storm assessment crews to post storm support crews, EES is ready to safely respond and mobilize its workforce and fleet when a disaster strikes. EES is strategically located to have its highly trained crews and state-of-the-art equipment to respond swiftly and safely to utility companies throughout the United States.

Our services includes but not limited to:

  • Overhead Transmission & Distribution Crews
  • Underground Transmission & Distribution Support Crews
  • Damage Assessment Crews
  • Wire Guard
  • Management and Logistics
  • Secondary Restoration Crews
  • Vegetation Management Crews

Our first priority is responding to known incidents of downed power lines to make the situations safe. From damage assessment to restoration planning and implementation, we help in all conditions and ranges.

Our first focus at any project is to recover power for any critical infrastructures such as hospitals and health center, police and fire stations, and any other similar locations.

Our emergency service restoration plan aims to address the most complex energy, environmental and infrastructure challenges in shortest time possible.

We work before, during and after any storm or hurricane to ensure of the necessary steps and customer safety. We understand your goals and embrace them by applying a highly skilled workforce that have had proven results.